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chiulinh house

( 2016 )

We have had some interesting experiences with the alleys in Saigon, especially the tube-houses inside the city. Agreeing to renovate a young family’s living space in District 8 – Saigon, we kept pondering on choosing the most optimal design. Thanks to whole-hearted support of the house owner, as well as our determination to propose a unique design, which is a combination of sunshine, wind, and green plants,the renovation of Chiulinh house was finally completed in late July,2016. The living spaces within the construction are clearly divided but still linked with each other, instead of being separated as they used to be. The ground floor includes parking lot, living room, kitchen which and dining room. The upper floor is the sleeping place for the couple and their two kids. The staircase utilizes natural ventilation and lighting, which helps to keep the house well illuminated, especially in daylight without having to use any electric lights. Since the construction is located in a small alley and directly affected by the Western sunshine, finding solution for the facade is one of the most challenging tasks for the design team. In this case, applying the traditional sun shading louvers in conjunction with the spinning windows is perhaps the optimal alternative.Not only does it reduce the effect of sunshine without hindering sufficient supply of natural light and wind for the living spaces inside, it also solves the security issues, which is the top priority of house owner.

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